How is Recovery Housing Regulated?

According to the National Library of Medicine, a sober house is for people who need a drug free environment while transitioning back into society. There are some common criteria and rules for these sober living facilities. Unlike drug treatment programs, recovering housing doesn’t offer treatment services, nor do these programs instate any type of scheduled […]

Understanding National Regulations on Sober Living Homes in the United States Part 1

Most residents attend outpatient treatment, work, or go to school during the day. For some people, this option provides a necessary alternative to a toxic home environment. The goal of a sober living home is to be safe, stable, and supportive. Detox and residential treatment programs provide addicts with the knowledge and tools needed […]

What is the difference between addiction & dependence?

In other words, the body feels like it needs meth to physically function. Dependence can lead to strong cravings and compulsive use in the absence of meth in order to avoid unwanted withdrawal symptoms. Addiction and dependence are words both used to describe an unhealthy and problematic pattern of drug or alcohol use. In the […]

The Science of Step 9 AA: How Making Amends Can Help

Yet, to be truly successful at forgiving and releasing past wrongs, you need to go directly to the individual you’ve hurt. When you go directly to the person, real spiritual transformation is more likely to occur. The second part of the 12th step is about carrying the message of recovery to other people. For many, this […]